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       “EXCEL POWER INDUSTRIES” is pioneering group in the quality battery field specializes in world class quality and best services with smile a faith.
In beginning excel storage batteries firm is established in the year 1996 Specializing in distribution of battery. We have gained lot of experience in battery field such as manufacturing sales services with constant research & deep study of battery fields.
From small start-up in 1996 Excel expanded its activities. In 2011 Manufacturer Company established named as ‘Excel Power Industries’.
Now a day’s Excel power industries is ISO-9001-2008 certified company leading in manufacturing of world class technology product like Automotive Batteries and Tubular Batteries, Thick plate inverter batteries with best quality as per battery standard.


      Excel Power Industries is a pioneering group in the battery field specializes in world-class quality battery product with best services and faith. our company is established in 2011.Now a days we are certified with ISO 9001-2008 we are manufacturing Tubular, batteries for Inverter, UPS, Solar, etc.


      Selenium based grid technology. Low internal resistance, Long power cuts,Deep cycle design, Low self discharge. Less water consumption.Extra electrolyte level keeps battery cell cool, due to this backup time increases.Unique polypropylene containers used for battery assembly.Micro porous ceramic vent plug with float for level indication.

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Lead is used as a raw material for battery manufacturing.Lead is harmful for health & environment. Because of lead. Poisoning to the central nervous sustems. As per government regulations scrap battery must be return back to government approved Recycles/Smelters, and Manufacturers only. Keep your society, city clean.

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